Certified translation

What is a certified translation and when can you need it?

A certified translation is a document translated into the target language with a sealed attestation clause stating that it is identical with the text in the source language, which we deliver with the source document attached. The attestation clause serves to prove that the translation is in full conformity with the text in the source language both in content and meaning.

A certified translation may be needed in dealing with vital records (related to birth, marriage or death), certifying educational qualifications or in the event of official procedures involving an authority.


Regulatory provisions related to private and public documents subject to certified translation

Under relevant legislation (Council of Ministers Decree 24/1986 (26 June) on Translation and Interpretation), in certain cases only the National Office for Translation and for Attestation (OFFI) is entitled to prepare certified translators in Hungary, while in other cases certified translators or translators-proofreaders also have such an entitlement.

Accordingly, in the event of use in Hungary we undertake the certified translation of the following documents:

  • articles of association
  • minutes of general assembly
  • signature specimen
  • company register extract.

In the event of use in the member states of the European Union, we also prepare the certified translation of the documents below:

  • birth, marriage and death certificates
  • personal ID card, passport, residential address card, social insurance and tax ID card, other official personal documents
  • educational certificates (school certificates, degrees).


Pricing and price list

The basis of settlement is the number of words in the source text, which can be tracked with the help of a translation support tool.


Translation from French into Hungarian:

14 HUF / word

Translation from Hungarian into French:

16 HUF / word

Certification premium:

1500 HUF per page in target language including source language page


Large and/or regular translation assignments will be charged at a percentage discount to our clients.



The work process

Have confidence in us and feel free to contact us or request a quotation.