Serving communication with expertise


If you look for a specialist who

  • interprets for you in your negotiations with your French-speaking partners;
  • provides simultaneous interpretation from an interpreter’s booth at conferences organised by you;
  • translates your business correspondence, contracts, reports, financial statements, marketing campaign materials or texts appearing on your websites;
  • prepares certified and attested translations of your company records, vital records or educational certificates to be submitted to authorities and institutions;
  • helps you discover the architectural and cultural richness, hidden treasures and urban legends of Budapest;
  • organises and conducts guided tours in Budapest including related programmes customised to the needs of your French business partners or their family members;
  • teaches you general, business and financial French and French civilisation with communication-centred methods,

then you have found the right website.


Please choose from the following services:

1. Specialised translation 2. Interpretation 3. Tour guiding 4. Language education


About the company

Dear Customer,

Leading the business established in 2000 for over 10 years now enables me to meet your expectations and requirements in different areas.

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Specialised translation

We are at our clients' disposal with the following language     combinations:

  • French to Hungarian
  • English to Hunagrian
  • Hungarian to French
  • English to French

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The guarantee of the smooth conduct of international or bilateral conferences, meetings, presentations, discussions, business negotiations or plant visits, trade fairs, wine tasting events or weddings attended by a multilingual audience lies in the quality of interpretation.

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Language education

« La langue française est une femme. Et cette femme est si belle, si fière, si modeste... »

If you would like to understand the above quotation in which Nobel Laureate Anatole France describes the French language and especially in your work...

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Tour guiding

Dear Friends wishing to explore Budapest,

Multifaceted Budapest, in the heart of Europe, occupies the prominent 37th place in the list of the Top 100 city destinations of the world. Our aim is to provide you assistance to discover it.

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Please feel free to use any of the methods below to contact us and we will make it a priority to deal with your request at least within in a business day.

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