Simultaneous interpretation

Simultaneous (or conference) interpretation is a mode of interpretation used at conferences attended by a large number of participants. In this case, speakers speak continuously while interpreters, usually situated at the other end of the conference hall, provide interpretation from booths via special equipment. The speaker’s words are translated “real-time” while his/her style, use of terminology, articulation and intonation are retained as conveyed to the audience following the presentation through earphones. Simultaneous interpretation demands extreme concentration and therefore interpreters work in pairs in each language taking turns at every 20 or 30 minutes.

Interpretation concurrently with the speakers’ speech can also take place in the form of whispering. This solution is useful when only a few participants need interpretation. In such cases, the simultaneous interpreter sits near the listener(s) and whispers the translated words into their ears. As whispering interpretation does not require special equipment and no pauses are inserted in the presentation, it is a cost and time-efficient solution.


Pricing and price list

Our clients can order simultaneous interpretation for a few hours, half a day or a full day. In the case of less than four hours, the fee per hour is supplemented by a call-out fee that will not be charged if interpretation for half a day is ordered. If interpretation for longer than half a day is ordered, the fee per hour will also be reduced.

Based on the above, our prices will be calculated as follows:

Duration of simultaneous interpretation service

Fee per hour

Call-out charge


1 hour

10 000 HUF

8 000 HUF

18 000 HUF

2 hours

10 000 HUF

4 000 HUF

24 000 HUF

3 hours

10 000 HUF

2 000 HUF

32 000 HUF

4 hours

10 000 HUF


40 000 HUF

5 hours

10 000 HUF


50 000 HUF

6 hours

10 000 HUF


60 000 HUF

7 hours

10 000 HUF


70 000 HUF

8 hours

10 000 HUF


80 000 HUF


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