References and testimonials

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“…Rozália Raulin performed translation tasks during Hungary’s Presidency of the European Union for the National Office of Translation and Attestation (OFFI Zrt). We were perfectly satisfied with her flawless performance.”

                                             Dr. László Lajos Vigh, CEO, OFFI Zrt

“Rozália has already been working on translation assignments for our company for 4 years. We have worked together extensively in recent years, especially in relation to the translation of our Central-European in-house quarterly publication “EnergieMag”. The publication is issued in French and its translation has been Rozália’s privilege right from the outset, due in part to her mastery of the technical language and in part to her speed of completing the job, which may at times have meant sacrificing some of her weekends. We would hereby like to thank her for her work so far and naturally anticipate continuing to hire her in the future.” 

                                            Andrea Asztalos, Communications Director, Dalkia Zrt

“She completes assignments from our Company accurately, professionally and at high standards. For example, in August 2007 she translated two Decrees of the Hungarian Government into French speedily and in the right quality in August 2007 (Government decree on the mandatory take-over and the mandatory take-over price (feed-in tariff) of the electricity produced from renewable resources and Government decree on the certification of electric power generated from renewable energy sources or waste).”

                                                     Beáta Márai, Personal Assistant to the CEO, Dalkia Zrt


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“…Rozália Raulin has worked for our office on a regular basis since 2004. The number of years in itself proves that we have always been satisfied with her work as French-Hungarian translator.

Her most important assignments included the following:

  • Translation of the rulings of the European Court of Justice from French into Hungarian
  • Translation of the decisions of the European Court of Justice from French into Hungarian
  • Translation of Europass certificates from Hungarian into French 
  • Translation of the postal parcels regulation of the Universal Postal Union from French into Hungarian
  • Translation of captions for the Franz Liszt retrospective exhibition from Hungarian into French

Our customers have given positive feedback on her work on several occasions, for example in relation to the translation into French of a speech for the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development delivered in the European Parliament.

We will continue to rely on her work in the future.”

                       Ferenc Janter, Managing Director, FORDuna Kft


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 “The projects that I have implemented for EDF in Hungary would not have been possible without Rozália Raulin’s efficient simultaneous interpretation at meetings and accurate use of technical terminology in written translations.”

                                                      Christian Voillet, Project Manager, EDF

See full size image “As an interpreter Rozália has many positive characteristics: She is an attentive listener focussing on her partner’s words and is intuitive. Thanks to her confident command of the French language she facilitates the exchange of information. Her language comprehension ensuring the accurate conveyance of the original meaning and her ability to build rapport make her an outstanding interpreter. She worked with me as a close workmate for years and has extensive knowledge of the energy sector. We highly appreciated her proper handling of confidential information, impartiality and accuracy in interpretation. She is a highly talented, smiling interpreter.” 

                                      Frédéric Genin, Consultant Senior Electricity Distribution Network of France


“During our three-day visit at different public institutions and companies, Rozália Raulin provided indispensable help in communication between us (francophones) and our Hungarian partners through her speedy interpretation. Thanks to her highly professional work, we were able to maintain the continuity and natural flow of our discussions. I have no hesitation in recommending her.”

Claire Delmotte, BRUXELLES FORMATION, International Relations


 See full size image“… Certified translator Rozália Raulin works for our company as a translator: She regularly translates contracts, company documents and other legal materials from French into Hungarian and Hungarian into French.

She completes her assignments from our company accurately, professionally and in high quality. For example, in September 2008 she translated documents presenting the Belgian social security system from French into Hungarian speedily and in the appropriate quality.”

                                                                                 Éva Rung, Office Head, Benedictum Kft


See full size image“Rozália Raulin performs business correspondence and translation of financial reports and statements from Haungarian to French and English to French through the Pret-Inter Limited Partnership.

She completes her assignments accurately and in high quality. No problems whatever have ever emerged in connection with her work. 

Her works include the precise and excellent translation of Act LXXXVI of 2007 on Electric Power from Hungarian to French.”

                                             József Hiezl, Deputy CEO, EDF Démász Zrt

 See full size image“Our joint work encompasses a long period as Rozália Raulin worked almost daily for our project between 1997 and 2001, under which we introduced a new customer management and invoicing programme at our Company.

During this period, she performed both interpretation and translation assignments. In respect of interpretation, her work was characterised by a high level of competency and availability.
She would patiently interpret protracted meetings and training courses and return to her work of translating error tickets, minutes, and user and systems administrator manuals. 

She would display respect and humility towards her colleagues. She was a great builder of rapport and made participants feel at ease in what could have been a difficult communication situation.

The quality of her written work always reflected a high level of professionalism, accuracy and punctuality in meeting deadlines. Her conscientiousness and high standards were always visible in the results of her work.”

Rózsa Ferencné Szécsényi, Head of Business Service Centre, EDF Démász Zrt


“Certified translator Rozália Raulin has worked regularly for our company: She has completed various translation and proofreading tasks for our office since 2003, up to 190 thousand characters a year.

Her translation and proofreading activities primarily include the following:

  • translation of business/commercial, legal, financial and economic texts from French to Hungarian and vice versa
  • proofreading the translations of of official documents and certificates.

Her work has been a valuable addition to the smooth conduct of projects and thus the success of our company. She completes her assignments with professionalism, accurately and on time.”

       Roland Rácz, Managing Director, Business Team International Kft


“Rozi has been my French teacher since I was 14.  In the 6 years we spent together she always helped me reach my goals of the day.

Through her effective teaching method she has greatly contributed to my successfully passing an intermediate-level language examination and my secondary school-leaving examination. Now I am progressing towards my advanced-level language exam.  

An excellent teacher-student relationship has developed between us, thanks to her highly professional French lessons in a very friendly atmosphere; her captivating personality and consistency has always stimulated me to learn.

In addition to compulsory course materials, she would bring tasks and materials that were close to my areas of interest and added to my vocabulary. She would also organise programmes related to the French language outside the scope of the lessons, such as visiting lectures, fairs and exhibitions.                                                        

 She has exposed me to the French language and culture through music, stories, newspaper articles, films and even recipes. She has taught many French customs, sayings and proverbs and so learning with her was not only effective but also highly enjoyable.”

Orsolya László, Beautician