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1. Thousand Years tour

Millennium memorial and Vajdahunyad Castle, Franz Liszt Memorial Museum, Paris Department Store … in Budapest

Heroes’ Square, of extraordinary dimensions and bounded by two stately museums, captures the visitor at once. It is like a history book of the thousand-year adventure of Hungarians from the occupation of the Carpathian Basin to 1896, the date of the inauguration of the square. What were the merits of the historical figures in the colonnade? What were the criteria of their selection? Is Vlad Ţepeş a.k.a. Count Drakula represented in some form on the Square? Once our questions and many others are answered, we continue our walk towards Vajdahunyad Castle, while picturing in our mind’s eye the celebrations organised on the occasion of the thousand-year anniversary of the history of Hungary, when the castle was no more than papier-maché theatrical scenery…

But there is no celebration without music. Ten years before the anniversary, Franz Liszt had lived near the Square. The composer, seen as a true European today, showed great respect for Hungary, as reflected among other things in the Hungarian Rhapsodies, his piano pieces famous for their difficulty. The second major station of our tour is the last place of residence of the Maestro, where he lived from 1881 to 1886.

Our walk over the decades ends in 1991, when the Paris Department Store opened its gates. Let’s see what’s left of it today.

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  • The price of our "Thousand Years Tour" varies depending of the number of the participants.
  • Our tour is free for children under 6.

Groups receive a discount, please feel free to contact us for a quote.


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Indicated prices include entrance to the Franz Liszt Memorial Museum and the use of audioguides.

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