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3. Attracted by Squares

Kossuth Square and Szabadság Square, House of Hungarian Art Nouveau

In the first half of the tour, we admire three statues located near Kossuth Square: the statue of Imre Nagy, Prime Minister of Hungary at the time of the Revolution of 1956, that of Ferenc Rákóczi II, Prince of Transylvania and Ruling Prince of Hungary who fought for the independence of his country, and the memorial of Attila József, great Hungarian Poet of the 20th century. We then review the history of the construction of Parliament based on the blueprints of Imre Steindl and recollect some features of its current operation. The statues ornamenting the façade can be admired from a simple canteen at an excellent location.

Our next stop is another square that is less “in view”: Szabadság Square may be called a hidden treasure of Budapest with good reason. Today the square created after the demolition of the enormous Austrian barracks in 1886 is home to such monuments as the sanctuary lamp, the Soviet memorial or the Bandholtz memorial, symbolising the concept of liberty in different ways. Its beautiful buildings, the Headquarters of Hungarian Television, the Hungarian National Bank and the old Post Savings Bank, represent the eclectic style and the Art Nouveau.

Art Nouveau is the topic also of the third station of our tour. The House of Hungarian Art Nouveau awaits the admirers of that style with an exhibition occupying three floors and a fascinating coffeehouse.

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