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4. In the footsteps of Franz Joseph

Underground Railway Museum, St. Stephen’s Basilica and Gelarto Rosa

Our walk starts at Deák Square, from the “small underground” railway museum commemorating the first metro line of the Continent inaugurated in 1896. Wagons, models and documents are exhibited in an authentic environment, along a section of the metro line constructed for the Millennium (withdrawn from traffic in 1955 due to the development of Metro Line 2). The link between the millennium metro and the second station of the tour, St. Stephen’s Basilica, is provided by no other than the person of Franz Joseph I, Emperor of Austria and King of Hungary, who was the first passenger of metro line 1 and who held the inaugural of the Basilica in 1906. The construction of the biggest church of Budapest accommodating 8500 persons was a real adventure: two of the architects working on the plans died before the termination of the works, the cupola collapsed on a January morning while construction was still underway, and the citizens of Budapest acted as co-financiers. The Basilica’s Chapel of the Holy Right Hand is the repository of the most significant relic of the Hungarian Catholic Church, i.e. the right hand of Saint Stephen, the first king of the country. The history of the relic is rather adventuresome. What exactly happened between 1083, the death of Stephen and 1945, when three officers of the US Army brought the relic home from Austria? After the external and internal tour of the famous building we go up to the northern tower that offers a splendid view of the city. The walk ends in Gelarto Rosa, where we can taste what is the best ice-cream in the city according to many locals, served in the shape of rose petals instead of scoops. If the weather is cold, an elaborate special warm drink is offered instead.

Pricing and prices

  • The price of our "In the footsteps of Franz Jospeh" varies depending of the number of the participants.
  • Our tour is free for children under 6.

Groups receive a discount, please feel free to contact us for a quote.


Number of participants


1 people

50 Euros

2 people

70 Euros

3 people

90 Euros

Indicated prices include entrance to the Underground Railway Musemum and the St. Stephen Basilica (panoramic point).

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