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2. Danube: This side and that side...

From Vörösmarty Square to the Castle District, the Hospital in the Rock and Café Miro

This tour begins at Vörösmarty Square, at the heart of the city, next to the river and the big hotels and at the crossing point of the three metro lines. We get acquainted with the 19th century romantic poet after whom the Square was named and we identify each of its buildings and memorials. Who will be fortunate enough to find the lucky coin offered by a beggar woman in an important period of the development of the Square? Then we walk down the Duna Promenade while evoking the story. We meet the Young Princess in bronze, guardian of the beautiful panorama included in UNESCO’s World Heritage List since 1990. The Chain Bridge is not far away; we cross it and think of its creators, István Széchenyi, Adam Clark, William Clark and János Marschalkó. Where does the bridge master live and what does his trade consist of? We look for his dwelling and then mount a few dozens of stairs to Lovas Street where out time travel starts. The Hospital in the Rock functioned as a hospital during World War II and the revolution of 1956, and became a secret nuclear shelter in the Cold War era. The museum offers an authentic environment for the discovery of what is a surprisingly modern infrastructure relative to its age. Who would have thought that seven children were born in this hidden facility in the troubled days of the Revolution…

After the thrilling and cool underground expedition (visitors who are sensitive to cold may put on military jackets), our tour ends at Café Miró where the warm tones of the surroundings evoke the surrealist artist – albeit the building itself dates from the 15th century!

Pricing and prices

  • The price of our "Danube: This side and that side" varies depending of the number of the participants.
  • Our tour is free for children under 6.

Groups receive a discount, please feel free to contact us for a quote.


Number of participants


1 people

50 Euros

2 people

70 Euros

3 people

90 Euros

Indicated prices include entrance to the Hospital in the Rock Museum.

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