In what cases could you need proofreading?

If you already have the translation of a particular document but have concerns as to its accuracy or you intend a material for the general public, having the translation read and corrected by a proofreader will certainly be useful. The principle of “two heads are better than one” applies in this case as any typing errors and grammatical or terminological inaccuracies are eliminated while the text is also verified stylistically.


Pricing and price list

The basis of settlement is the number of words in the source text, which can be tracked with the help of a translation support tool. Prices are half of the translation rates.


Proofreading from French into Hungarian:

7 HUF / word

Proofreading from Hungarian into French:

8 HUF / word

Proofreading from English into French:

9 HUF / word


The work process

Have confidence in us and feel free to contact us or request a quotation.