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5. Wandering about the Jewish Quarter

Kazinczy Street Orthodox Synagogue, Károlyi Gardens and Fröhlich Confectionery

This walk guides us through the members of the synagogue triangle in District VII of Budapest. The first is the Dohány Street Synagogue, the biggest Jewish church in Europe accommodating 3000 people, terminated in 1859. The beautiful building delights its visitors with its colour bricks, ornaments made of ceramics and its two mosque-like towers. Its size is a true reflection of the significance of the contemporary Jewish community.

The other two synagogues of the triangle were built under the sign of competing with the imposing “Dohány”: first Rumbach Synagogue in 1872 and then the Kazinczy Street Orthodox Synagogue in 1912. What do these buildings hide, what stories could they tell? Which one is the “tulip” synagogue? Our tour will unveil those secrets.

The expedition ends at Hungary’ only kosher confectionery, managed for no less than 57 years by the Fröhlich Family.

Pricing and prices

  • The price of our "Wandering about the Jewish Quarter" varies depending of the number of the participants.
  • Our tour is free for children under 6.

Groups receive a discount, please feel free to contact us for a quote.


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1 people

50 Euros

2 people

70 Euros

3 people

90 Euros

Indicated prices include entrance to the Orthodox Synagogue of Kazinczy Street.

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